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EnerGreen Carpet Cleaning isn’t your typical carpet cleaning company for numerous reasons. When the owner Nate met his wife Sarah, he was working for a carpet cleaning company in Arizona. That company he worked for used chemicals and pushed him to upsell products that people didn’t need. Nate ended up getting a pay cut because he wasn’t upselling the customer to add more. Sarah and Nate agreed that this job wasn’t right for him which lead him to leave the company.

Sarah comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and graduated with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. She thought how great would it be if we could start our own business together. Immediately after getting married they decided to start EnerGreen Carpet Cleaning. Their main priority was they did not want to use chemicals. Which, at the time was not very popular in the carpet cleaning industry. The great thing about that is they found a niche, and made the company more appealing because it was not just safe for humans but also pet friendly. With the products being chemical-free you no longer have the chemical smells after the cleaning is done. Also, because the products are soap-free it doesn’t leave your carpet crunchy.

Nate and Sarah decided the best way to run this business was to be completely honest and genuine. They didn’t want to sell people products they do not need. They wanted people to feel comfortable with them in their home and not pressured. Their motto was to treat every customer like family and friends. EnerGreen guarantees their work and will always come back if there are any issues that arise. They also made it a priority to keep their pricing lower than other companies, making it more affordable and allowing their customers to use their services more often.

When EnerGreen started to franchise in 2021, Sarah and Nate really wanted to be particular about who joined their company. They started to franchise to friends that are trustworthy and have the same work ethics. This lead them to opening a franchise in Illinois, South Carolina and the East and West Valley of Arizona. EnerGreen hopes to continue to grow and eventually change the carpet cleaning industry.

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